Introducing HACCP 101: Intro to Biological Hazards YouTube Series

In the world of food safety, knowledge is power. Which is why the team at Safe Food Alliance is excited to announce our new YouTube series “HACCP 101: Intro to Biological Hazards”. Led by Food Safety Expert Tom Jones, this series was designed to help all those producing food understand and manage biological hazards. Biological hazards are arguably the most dangerous of the hazards in your HACCP plan, so they should not be overlooked.

So, what are biological hazards? Biological hazards are microorganisms that can contaminate the food supply and cause foodborne illness. Think food poisoning. This is where food poisoning starts. Biological hazards include things like bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi, and understanding each and how to control them is what this series is all about.  

Episodes in the Series

Introduction to Biological Hazards

In the first episode of the HACCP 101 series, we kick things off with an introduction to biological hazards. Tom explores foodborne illness, why and how it occurs, and the significance for the food industry. We’ll also dissect the contributing factors that lead to the spread of biological hazards including environmental, procedural, and behavioral factors.

Exploring Pathogens and Food Safety Measures

This episode walks you through detecting foodborne illness outbreaks, mitigation strategies, and most importantly risk assessment. Risk assessment is a key part of your HACCP plan and determining which hazards require a critical control point. With this video, you will understand harmful pathogens which should be included in your HACCP plan.

Common Examples of Biological Hazards

Salmonella, e. coli, listeria, and botulism, the big four pathogens in most food production plants. This episode focuses on the characteristics of specific pathogens, their sources, and the potential risks they pose to your facility. But don’t stress! Tom will also explain how to control these hazards.

Biological Pathogen Control Measures

This episode is all about control measures. What can we do to make sure these pathogens don’t make it to consumers? What’s my role in the process? In this video we discuss methods to keep pathogens out, prevent their growth, and effectively kill them, all of which can help you write the best food safety plan possible.

Watch The First Episode

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