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Meet the environmental requirements that get your product on major retailer shelves

Be ready when the FDA arrives for inspection and starts swabbing your facility.

Every environmental program must start somewhere. Start yours with an expert on your side.

Rest easy knowing your program is safe, secure, and scientifically sound.


Are you ready to sell your product to major retailers?

Both SQF and BRCGS have specific call-outs for environmental monitoring requirements. Don't risk failing your audit by building your program alone. At Safe Food Alliance, our team of auditors and scientists have created products with your audit success in mind. Our unique perspective will help you get the training necessary, swab correctly, and prove the competency of your staff all in one place.

  • Swabbing 101 - Proficiency testing at the Kingsburg Center
  • We Swab For You
  • Fundamentals of Environmental Monitoring – the workshop to get you started.


Be ready when the FDA arrives for inspection and starts swabbing your facility.

When the FDA arrives, they will be taking anywhere from 300 to 600 swabs of your facility. Have you ever swabbed that much? I didn't think so. Let us do the heavy lifting of preparing your program with a mock audit, program review, and the necessary training, so when the FDA does show up, you’ll be ready.

  • Swabathon Plus – Consider this your mock audit.
  • Environmental Monitoring and How it Relates to FSMA – The intro self-paced course
  • Water Testing – Meet facility and FSMA requirements in one sitting


Every environmental program must start somewhere. Start yours with an expert on your side.

Creating any food safety program from scratch can be overwhelming and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. With the assistance of our scientists, auditors, and food safety experts, let’s build your environmental monitoring program the right way.

Our Solutions:

  • Building Your Program Consultation
  • Environmental Testing – Let us help you swab your facility
  • Fundamentals of Environmental Monitoring – The workshop to get you started


Rest easy knowing your program is safe, secure, and scientifically sound.

You deserve to feel secure in your programs. When you validate your EMP with Safe Food Alliance, we lend credibility to the process so your clients trust your product. Our team can help you verify your sanitation team's effectiveness, find gaps in your program, and test your environment quickly, all with that much needed unbiased third party opinion. Rely on the experts who speak science, so you don’t have to.
  • Environmental Program Review – Have your program evaluated by a scientist
  • Air Plate Testing – Prevent cross-contamination in your plant
  • Swabathon – Verify your programs with a third-party


Companies trust us with their environmental monitoring program

We approach each project as expert problem solvers

When you call Safe Food Alliance, you have access to a team with decades of experience finding solutions for the food industry. With our state-of-the-art lab, advanced technologies, and scientific curiosity, it’s our goal to get you the data you need to make confident decisions about your products.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement.

Our team is constantly looking for new ways to improve our quality of service, pricing, and turnaround time. By developing faster methods and working hand in hand with our clients to expand our testing capabilities, we make lab testing easier for you.

We are a line of defense both for your products and for the people who enjoy them.

This isn’t just another thing you have to do. Your environmental monitoring program protects your product. And it’s our job to make sure that your product is in compliance and makes it safely to market.


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The Essential Guide to Microbiology

In this e-book, we’ve collected some of our fundamental articles on microbiology to assist you on your food safety journey – from Listeria to Salmonella to Environmental Monitoring. That way, you are proactively prepared to combat these deadly pathogens.



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Resources for you

Vector Swabbing 101

You’ve finished swabbing, received the results back from the lab, and gotten mostly negative or acceptable counts. However, you also received a presumptive positive notification for a pathogen. Now, what do you do?

Environmental Monitoring Fundamentals, Challenges, and Best Practices [WEBINAR]

Learn to identify pathogens and allergens, how to pull an environmental swab, and interpret data for possible contamination trends in this on-demand webinar taught by our in-house expert Tom Jones.

Environmental Monitoring: Answering Questions from the Industry

In this article, Jon Kimble and Kyla Ihde answer questions from people like you about product lines, sampling, validation, and handling positive results, all to have the best environmental program possible.