The DFA of California Selects its Scholarship Recipients


SACRAMENTO, California, September 17, 2021 — The Dried Fruit Association (DFA) of California Scholarship Foundation announces the selection of its 2021 recipients. The scholarship program is aimed at students pursuing careers in the sciences such as food science, biology, and chemistry, with the goal of working in the food industry. The scholarship awards up to $5,000 to the winners. 

The DFA believes it’s important to play an active role in shaping the world’s next generation of food safety professionals. By engaging with students through this foundation, food safety remains a priority.

In 2012, DFA launched the DFA of California Scholarship Foundation to support undergraduate students while completing their science and food safety-related degrees and to encourage high school seniors to enter the quality assurance and food safety professions.

Every year, the DFA awards scholarships to deserving students throughout the state of California. The success of this program is made possible by contributions from the member companies and partners of the DFA. This year’s recipients are Kate Perry and Jackson Dias.

Kate is a sophomore at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, who is majoring in Food Science. She hopes to “combine her love for the wilderness with her passion for food science to develop nutritious and environmentally conscious products to fuel outdoor enthusiasts and others with active lifestyles. I feel fortunate to have found a career path that will fuel my passion for science and my desire to make a difference through nourishing both our people and our planet”.

Jackson is at Modesto Junior College, majoring in Agribusiness. with a background of working on farms and in dairies. He “is passionate about the industry because of his father, as he was the one who got him into tractors and cows at a very young age”. Jackson plans to transfer to Cal State Fresno, and then work in the agriculture field.

About The DFA and Safe Food Alliance 

The Dried Fruit Association, established in 1908, offers technical services to growers, packers, processors, and food manufacturers to aid in their efforts to maintain the highest standards in food safety and quality. The heritage company provides commodity inspection, the Red Seal Program, and the Export Trading Company to food producers.

Safe Food Alliance is a full-service solution to food safety problems with training and consulting, food safety audits, and analytical lab testing and research. Safe Food Alliance’s core mission is to work with the DFA and provide solutions that lead to safe food.

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