Safe Food Alliance Breaks Ground for Food Safety Lab

Kingsburg, CA: Safe Food Alliance, a division of DFA of California, which provides accredited laboratory analysis, training and consulting, and certified audits to a variety of food sectors, officially launched construction today of its largest laboratory, to date, in Kingsburg at an onsite groundbreaking ceremony. This new facility will be located off Highway 99 at the Kingsburg Business Park on the Northwest corner of W. Bratton Street and Morgan Drive.

The project is scheduled to be completed in December, 2017. It will provide about 20,408 square feet of space for lab services that include chemical, microbiological, water testing, commodity fumigation research; expanded analytical capabilities for food testing and challenge studies for food spoilage, among others. The complex will also house commodity inspection services for DFA and serve as a food safety training facility.

At completion, this facility will initially support over 100 jobs that serve the food safety and quality needs of the San Joaquin Valley and will add additional positions as the business expands.

“As we expand our lab capabilities in Kingsburg, we will be uniquely positioned to help our growing customer base globally to navigate a dynamic food safety arena.”

According to President and CEO, Sam Keiper, “As we expand our lab capabilities in Kingsburg, we will be uniquely positioned to help our growing customer base globally to navigate a dynamic food safety arena.” “The food industry faces a rapidly changing regulatory environment where dynamic technological breakthroughs are constantly challenging us to expand our portfolio of expertise and competency,” he adds.

Consumers who demand safe food are vigilant about expecting the food industry to protect them. Recent tightened federal regulations requires the food industry to take a collaborative approach across the complex supply chain from growers to food manufacturers who source the food, process, package and transport it. Safe Food Alliance is one part of a global food management system that helps the food sector to drive continuous improvements across the supply chain. This includes unannounced audits of facilities to measure compliance with regulations.

DFA of California Chairman of the Board and Chairman of Mariani Packing Company, says, “Expanding our lab capabilities and food safety training program will allow the food industry and companies like mine to catch issues before the product leaves the factory. Everyone in our organization is dedicated to continuously improving our food safety program because our consumers deserve the healthiest, safest food on the planet!”

Headquartered in Sacramento, California, Safe Food Alliance is a division of DFA of California that offers technical food safety services to assist growers, packers, processors and manufacturers to proactively achieve the highest food safety standards. Safe Food Alliance offers accredited and certified laboratory services using recognized testing equipment; extensive food safety training and consulting services to food companies; and a wide variety of facility assessments and audits to achieve food safety certification.

Katie Ward, Senior Marketing Manager
phone: 916.246.2853