What FDA Has to Say – And How it Can Help You

After the first compliance date under FSMA (the Food Safety Modernization Act) passed this last September, the FDA began slowly rolling out their plans to regulate the industry under this landmark set of regulations.  Following that, this past spring the first compliance dates passed for the Sanitary Transportation rule and the Foreign Supplier Verification Programs rule. This September another significant FSMA deadline will pass, arguably the most impactful deadline to our customer base of all the FSMA compliance dates – the compliance date for most food processors that fall under the “Preventive Controls” or “HARPC” rule under FSMA.  Shortly after that, in January, many farms will pass their compliance date under the Produce Safety rule – FDA’s first venture into regulation of farms.

With all of this activity and with compliance dates quickly passing, one of the wisest things we can do in the food industry is to pause and take the time to review those guidance materials that FDA has been releasing to help the industry comply.  Below we’re giving you a quick overview of what we feel is some of the most useful and important guidance FDA has released.

We hope you find this information useful!  In addition to the above, another great resource is our past newsletter articles, in which we’ve covered many of the above topics in an effort to support our customers on their path to compliance.  You can also attend our various training courses or contact us for a custom training, either in person or web-based.

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