Moisture Meter Preventative Maintenance Program

The Moisture Meter is a robust instrument that must perform in facilities that are no stranger to high temperature and high humidity environments.  While the meters routinely last for 10 years or more, there are minor parts and electrical connections that can fail, or become fouled overtime leading to a meter that is non-functional, or that drifts out of calibration (remember to check meter performance with the proper tap plug before use).  Repairs in these cases are often quick and minor, but the loss of a moisture meter can lead to a bottleneck in the production process and / or additional costs as sample are sent to outside labs to determine moisture content.

Safe Food Alliance’s Moisture Meter Preventative Maintenance Program is designed to help prevent unexpected meter failure.  By sending in your meter once a year, on your schedule, we can ensure it stays in working order and provide certification for audit purposes.  Specifically, we will:

  1. Check for signs of user damage, and replace any wires, resistors, leads and other electronic components that show signs of corrosion or wear.
  2. Replace the variable resistor, clean and calibrate the meter.
  3. Test, and if necessary, replace the validation cylinders.
  4. Provide a calibration certificate (meter meets standards of performance described in AOAC method #OMA 972.20)

Additionally, if any major repairs are required, we offer program participants a 10% discount on any major components in need of replacement (potentiometer, rotary switch, etc…).  The program costs $100 a year, or you can pay $400 in advance for 5 years of service. You can find more information on the maintenance program here.