Challenges In International Trade [FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR]

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Are you looking to sell your product overseas or import a key ingredient?

Food manufacturing is a global enterprise. When selling abroad, companies have the potential to greatly increase their market share, brand awareness, and profitability. But, with international sales comes more rules and process to abide by.

This webinar addresses the complicated landscape of selling food products in the international market. So, if you are considering shipping your product overseas, you are better prepared to do so.

Topics Included:

  • The crazy world of pesticides and MRLS in other countries
  • Export approvals
  • Quality Measures
  • FDA Import Policies
  • Food Fraud in import/export markets

Why This Webinar Is Worth Your Time

  • Learn about maintaining and confirming product integrity with overseas shipments
  • Get your export questions answered
  • Understand how to deal with defective and rejected products.


  • Tom Jones, Senior Director of Analytical Services, Safe Food Alliance
  • Jon Kimble, Senior Food Safety Manager
  • Dr. Wiley Hall, Director of Research Chemistry