Environmental Monitoring Fundamentals, Challenges, and Best Practices [FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR]

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The importance of a sound environmental monitoring program cannot be overstated, both as a verification of sanitation effectiveness, and to prevent contamination of your company’s products.

This webinar is intended to address techniques and best practices through an effective employee training program, which helps educate employees to ensure your company meets evolving regulatory and customer requirements.

EMP Topics include:

  • The latest FSMA requirements pertaining to environmental monitoring
  • Fundamentals of environmental monitoring
  • Determining sample zones and hygienic monitoring
  • Sampling – How to protect the integrity of collected samples

Why This Webinar Is Worth Your Time

  • Learn to identify pathogens and allergens to control and monitor indicator organisms
  • Understand how to pull an environmental swab
  • Successfully interpret data for possible contamination trends and discover how to take actions on it


  • Jon Kimble, Senior Food Safety Manager, Safe Food Alliance
  • Kyla Ihde, Laboratory Manager, Safe Food Alliance