Environmental Monitoring Swab Record Form [FREE TEMPLATE]

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There are many ways that you can track the swabs you take for your environmental monitoring program. Some prefer excel spreadsheets, while others use printable word documents. To assist with organizing your program, we have created a swab record form, which you can download for free using the button below. In the form you will see that there are sections for:

  • Swab Number – The number on each swab label (Ex. SB1234)
  • Location – Where you specifically swab (Zone 2, Men’s Bathroom Door Handle)
  • Clean / In Use
  • Notes
  • Corrective Actions

Using This Environmental Monitoring Template

With the template, you can either use the document as is or make adjustments based on your specific environmental program. And as always if you need anything, we are here to help. You can sign up for a free EMP consultation at https://calendly.com/thomasj-6/discover-with-tom.