Export Guide for Almonds [FREE E-BOOK]

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If you work in agriculture, you know that almonds are big business. And when you consider that California is the key producer for the entire country, ($5 billion in 2021 to be exact), you can’t help but pay attention.

In the US and abroad, there has been a steady increase in per person consumption of almonds since the 1970’s. Because of new interest and variety in almond- based products like milks, plant-based ice creams, and baked goods, California almonds have been exported in greater and greater numbers.

Which is why, drum roll please (que the music), the team at Safe Food Alliance has created this new export guide to help any company who is exporting almonds or is considering getting started.

In this guide, you’ll find information on MRLs, regulatory compliance, food safety risks, and trade agreements brought to you by the scientists and food safety experts who assist companies successfully export every day.

In this export guide you will find:

  • An overview of California almond production and the role export plays
  • Top food safety risks for almonds
  • Top export markets for California and USA almonds
  • A guide to export documentation and compliance

If you have questions about exporting your product or the testing required, click here!