FDA Intentional Adulteration [FREE WORKSHEETS]

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Understanding each new piece of the Food Safety Modernization Act can be challenging and time-consuming. With these worksheets, you will be able to begin the process of implementing the Intentional Adulteration Rule effectively.

Included in the FDA Intentional Adulteration Worksheets

  • Guide on how to build a Food Defense Plan
  • Templates for a Vulnerability Assessment
  • Lots of Examples

Developed by the FDA, this group of worksheets is meant to help food production facilities build their Food Defense Plans. When using the worksheets, please keep in mind that they are meant to guide you and should be adjusted to meet your particular facilities needs with footnotes about your processes.

Also, remember to keep your Food Defense Plan in an area that is secure and limit access to those who you deem necessary to access the plan. It’s always better to be safe than sorry with intentional adulteration. Once you decide who will develop the plan and maintain it you can use the worksheets to develop the full plan.