GMP Checklist for Internal Audits – Plants & Warehouse [FREE EXCEL TEMPLATE]

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When it comes to producing a safe product, not only do we have to consider the product itself, but also the area in which it is produced. This template will help you evaluate the entire facility to help ensure your food is being created safely.

In the GMP Checklist on Plants and Warehouses

In this template, the Plants & Grounds tab is broken down into three sections: Grounds, Plant Construction and Design, and External Storage. In this tab, you analyze the individual pieces that make up your plant such as lighting, doors, and windows, all of which can be a factor in food safety hazards.

In the Warehouse & Distribution tab, the template has you evaluate transportation of your product, storage hygiene, and potential weather damage.

Utilize this template in the GMP Checklist Series to validate your good manufacturing practices and conduct an internal audit in your facility.