GMP Checklist Template Series – Equipment and Utensils [FREE EXCEL TEMPLATE]

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In this segment of the GMP Checklist Template series, we look at the equipment and utensils needed to operate a food manufacturing plant.

Understanding the GMP Checklist

The Equipment and Utensils section is broken down in three sections: design (which includes construction and food contact surfaces), lubricants, and other. The other section includes additional notes on equipment, instruments, and storage to observe when conducting the internal audit.

To begin, the equipment and utensils must be designed and made of materials cleaned and maintained to protect against allergen cross-contact and cross-contamination. Food contact surfaces must be maintained to protect food from contamination by any source. It should also be used to avoid the adulteration of food with any other contaminants including lubricants, fuel, metal fragments, contaminated water.

Utilize this template in the GMP Checklist Series to validate your good manufacturing practices and conduct an internal audit in your facility.