GMP Checklist Template Series – Personnel [FREE EXCEL TEMPLATE]

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In this segment of the GMP Checklist Template series, we look at personnel and three factors that go into this category: disease control, personal hygiene, and handwashing.

When it comes to disease control, human beings are the main transmitters. One of the most common ways sickness is spread in a facility is when someone is sick, and that sickness is not reported. Are your personnel instructed on how to report less than ideal health conditions? Do you have a written policy that your staff can refer to? If your answer top either of these questions is no, this template is for you.

In addition to disease control, this good manufacturing practice (GMP) template helps you confirm that many of your personal hygiene practices are effective. With the template, you evaluate proper attire, makeup, fingernails, and cologne, as well as how visitors are managed when coming to the plant.

Most importantly, considering current events, the template checks hand washing techniques based on CDC recommendations and industry standards.