GMP Checklist Template Series: Sanitation [FREE EXCEL TEMPLATE]

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In order to be in compliance with FSMA, all registered processors need to comply with GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). To help ensure your GMPs are up to speed, we have created a checklist for your internal audit process. This template in the series is focused on sanitation, one of the most important GMPs, that is often overlooked.

Using The GMP Sanitation Template

When conducting your internal audit, check the boxes for compliance for each area. We have also included a notes section for plant observations and explanation for every process checked as ‘No’ (Non-Conformity). This is a great way to track the areas in your facility that need to be corrected. In addition to managing non-conformities, the note section offers additional sanitation recommendations and best practices. You can use these as a guide when doing the internal audit.

Sanitary Operations:

Start by looking at your written procedures and documentation on how to perform cleaning of the entire facility (ex: logs, SOPs, written policies, list of cleaning supplies/chemicals/materials, pest control program).  

Once documentation has been reviewed, make sure all of the company’s policies and procedures are being followed and implemented. The main focus should be protected against food contamination and allergen cross-contact.

Sanitary Facilities and Controls:

Each food processing plant should have adequate sanitary facilities and controls as listed in this checklist.