Mycotoxin Detection Technologies and Risks for Meeting Regulations [FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR]

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Mycotoxins, the highly toxic secondary metabolites of certain molds, are a significant food safety concern. The Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that as much as a quarter of the world’s agricultural produce is contaminated with mycotoxins.

As the food industry continues to grow and reach across borders, so does the list of mycotoxin contaminants for which testing is needed. The results of contaminant testing are key to market share and profitability. Food products that meet the most stringent purity standards not only command higher prices but fulfill the toughest trade requirements ensuring access to the most lucrative markets, such as the European Union. Vigilant mycotoxin surveillance has become a standard operating procedure for many. Frequent testing is not only cost-effective business insurance but also an ethical, socially responsible corporate policy that helps protect the health of customers and the livelihoods of industry stakeholders worldwide.

Why You Should Attend

  • Understand how Mycotoxins affect your product and if you should be testing for them
  • Know your Mycotoxin testing options and how to tell which one is right for your needs
  • Dive into export compliance and pre-export testing labs


  • Elise Palmer, Research Chemist 2, VICAM
  • Dr. Wiley Hall, Director of Research Chemistry, Safe Food Alliance