Sampling for Success: Products, the Processing Environment, and More [FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR]

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Enjoy this free webinar where you will gain the skills you need to start sampling your product correctly.

With all the new rules and regulations coming out for water sampling, it is more important now than ever to do so effectively. When sampling, you want to make sure you take a good representative sample. This webinar will help you learn how to do that.

In this one-hour session, we discuss sample storage, cross-contamination, proper sampling techniques, and sizes, all to ensure that you are equipped to test your water accurately.

Why This Webinar Is Worth Your Time

Gain a greater knowledge of the many types of sampling available to you including those for:

  • FDA regulations
  • Pesticides and ways to sample randomly for a pesticide contaminant
  • European and Asian requirements
  • FDA Detention

Understand what you can sample and how

  • Know what you are up against
  • Identify your requirements from your customers
  • Learn to physically collect a sample


  • Dr. Wiley Hall, Director of Research Chemistry
  • Thomas Jones, Senior Director of Analytical Services