Food Safety Culture and SQF [FREE ON-DEMAND WEBINAR]

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Do you know how to implement a successful food safety culture for your SQF audit? Join us as we talk with SQF about what food safety culture looks like, and how to implement it in a practical way at your facility.

About this SQF Webinar

Recently you’ve almost certainly heard the term “Food Safety Culture” used, whether as part of the SQF certification program or the FDA’s “New Era of Smarter Food Safety”.

Having a culture of food safety has always been the basis of food safety programs. But for many, it’s not clear how the term applies to what we do day in and day out. It can be difficult to conceive how a food safety culture can be measured, let alone created.

What You’ll Learn

  • The new SQF Edition 9 Food Safety Culture Requirements
  • The Role of Food Safety Culture in an SQF Program
  • How To Build A Food Safety Culture
  • Ways to Measure or Assess Food Safety Culture

Getting to Know Our Speakers:

  • Jon Kimble, Senior Food Safety Manager, Safe Food Alliance
  • Kristie Grzywinski, Technical Director, SQF

Kristie Grzywinski has made a career of helping food companies create systems that ensure the safe production of food, including 11 years working with the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe® program. Now, as Technical Director for the Food Industry Association’s Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute, Kristie is responsible for supporting the delivery of a consistent, globally recognized food safety and quality management program based in sound scientific principles. She particularly shines at developing mind-blowing training programs and otherwise making complex topics approachable. Kristie enjoys binge eating jalapeño potato chips and tiny chocolate but not necessarily at the same time.

*This is an informational webinar and not a replacement for the official SQF 2-day course