The Essential Guide to Microbiology [FREE E-BOOK]

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When it comes to pathogens, we’ve all seen the headlines: E.Coli in leafy greens, salmonella in eggs and peanut butter, listeria in dairy. It is our job as food manufacturers to do everything we can to ensure that these invisible killers don’t end up in the products we put on retail shelves.
However, understanding the intricacies of molecular biology is not the easiest thing to do for those of us who don’t have a science degree.

The first step is to get educated on the basics, the second, to figure out which pathogens are common in products like yours.

In this e-book, we’ve collected some of our fundamental articles on microbiology to assist you on your food safety journey – from Listeria to Salmonella to Environmental Monitoring. That way, you are proactively prepared to combat these deadly pathogens.

With this guide, you will receive much need information about:

  • Listeria spp. vs. Listeria Monocytogenes
  • Global E.Coli Outbreaks
  • Salmonella
  • The Benefits of Environmental Monitoring