The goal of the research division at Safe Food Alliance is to solve problems in the agriculture and food industries with a focus in the following areas:

Post-Harvest Quality

How can a commodity get from field to the end user with an optimum level of quality and safety while insuring compliance with regulatory requirements?  Safe Food Alliance has participated in fumigation research to overcome barriers to agricultural trade in the international marketplace for decades.

Analytical Methodology

What’s in your food, in your field or in your facility?  Safe Food Alliance develops novel methods to detect compounds of interest in food or in the field, including work with complex matricies, as well as new, reactive, or otherwise difficult to measure analytes.

Environmental Fate and Transport

Are the agrichemicals that you apply in the form you need for efficacy?  What chemical transformations of these materials occur in the field?  Research in this are tracks the changes in a compound as it moves throughout the environment.