Additional Audits

Costco Proprietary Audits

If your facility requires Costco food safety verification, Safe Food Certifications has you covered.

Safe Food Certifications is approved by Costco to provide stand-alone Costco GMP audits and Costco Small Supplier audits, as well as the Costco Food Safety Addendum which can be combined with a GFSI certification audit.

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Pre-assessment Audit

As your facility prepares for GFSI certification, it can be helpful to have an independent third party review your food safety system against your chosen standard to help you identify potential gaps and non-conformities. In these situations, a Pre-Assessment can be the perfect fit for your facility’s needs.

Safe Food Certifications can perform a Pre-Assessment against either the latest BRC or SQF standard to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. A Pre-Assessment runs as a mock audit, which means that it will be every bit as thorough as the official certification audit but the results belong entirely to your facility, will not be reported to any other party, and cannot result in certification or a failed audit.

It is important to note that Pre-Assessments do not perform the same role as consulting, as the auditor performing the service will not be able to provide any advice on how to improve or address gaps and non-conformities. The auditor will be able to provide you with a list of identified gaps, the relevant sections of the food safety standard, and to help explain what—in general—the clauses of the food safety standard are requiring.

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DV Audits

The health and safety of consumers is the number one priority of the California Almond industry. The Almond Board of California worked with the USDA and food safety experts to establish an industry-wide food safety program which includes mandatory pasteurization of all California almonds sold in the US. This process includes approval through the Technical Expert Review Panel (TERP) as well as an annual Direct Verifiable (DV) audit of the facility’s programs.

A select number of Safe Food Alliance staff has successfully completed the Almond Board of California approval process and are able to conduct DV audits for almond processors.

To find out more information on the audit process, please visit the Almond Board of California’s website.

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Gluten-Free Audits

Safe Food Certifications, LLC is a licensed Certification Body by ACG (Allergen Control Group located in Canada) to conduct Gluten-Free certification audits. Safe Food Certifications has in-house, ACG certified auditors who have many years of food industry experience in diversified industries and have undergone training conducted by ACG.

The Gluten-Free certification program is accepted by US and Canadian regulators (e.g. Health Canada, CFIA, FDA and USDA). ACG’s Gluten Free Certification program is endorsed by two leading celiac organizations in North America, the Beyond Celiac (BC) and the Canadian Celiac Association (CCA)

The Gluten-free certification program is a voluntary program designed specifically for manufactures and brand owners (who are committed) to assist in manufacturing safe and reliable gluten-free products. The program combines stringent and risk based robust gluten free requirements with recognized food safety systems which may exceed the regulatory requirements in North America. The certification program is verified annually by the third party facility audit process that ensures continued compliance to the program. The consumers can buy products with confidence and knowing that the products they purchase meet the industry’s strictest gluten free requirements when they see the GFCP trademark.

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